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Seals are an essential component of a vial packing mechanism. Selecting the right seal is essential for assuring container closure integrity, drug protection, user convenience, and safety.

The instant touch between packaging and drug products makes it evident that the highest quality standards are required. Even after lengthy periods of storage, the product must be pure, contamination-free, and easy to distribute. To ensure the product’s safety and effectiveness, all components of the vial system must meet these standards this is where Pharma Packages comes in.

Commitment to Quality

Pharma Packages uses cutting-edge manufacturing technology, including ISO-standard quality control systems, fully automated visual inspection, and a unique washing process.

Pharma Packages operates globally, with three production facilities. This allows the organisation to offer consumers flexible supply chains, enhance time-to-market, and mitigate risks for business continuity. 

Working for the clients with the clients

As a trusting partner, we participate in a co-engineering process where necessary and collaborate on an appropriate solution for our customers’ product development. We are glad to offer our customers this consultancy service based on our broad industry and material experience, technological know-how, and understanding of what drives the market. Functionality, design, and particular requirements are considered from the start.

Preferred Solution Partner

Pharma Packages, a leading parenteral packaging company for over 20 years, recognises the importance of product preservation, manufacturing efficiency, and patient safety. Pharma Packages Packaging Solutions ensures the greatest level of quality and reliability through rigorous production, control, and testing under industry standards.

Our seals are made from high-quality alloys and plastic polymers, ensuring clean and safe solutions for our customers.

Our aim is to enhance customers’ manufacturing efficiency and operational excellence, offer tailored solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, and create customised choices for market uniqueness. Pharma Packages’ global team of cross-functional experts understands the issues customers face in their professions. Pharma Packages takes a comprehensive approach to parenteral packaging, ensuring consumers make informed decisions based on all relevant factors.

Pharma Packages provides a diverse product portfolio for pharmaceutical and biotech markets, including high-performance pull-off caps. 

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